Call of Duty PC cheaters are driving away console players from crossplay

We just can’t have nice things can we

Call of Duty Cheaters

Infinity Ward reported last week that they’ve issued over 70,000 bans worldwide to protect the game from Call of Duty cheaters, specifically Call of Duty: Warzone. Yet again, according to Eurogamer there still exist wallhackers and aimbots that are just ruining Call of Duty. 70K people aren’t enough in a game which sees a lot of traffic. Overwatch banned over 500k players within the first 6 months, and a game of the caliber of COD: Warzone has to ban more. Here’s one among the many examples of disgusting hacking and cheating your way to victory.

Although it is obvious that PC players have an advantage over console players due to their mouses offering precise aiming, but these Call of Duty cheaters are on a completely different level. You don’t see mouse and keyboard players flicking to different targets 100m away and headshotting them in one burst.

What is the result of these cheating, thieving people? Console players are forced to disable crossplay in order to have a decent fair game without cheaters. This isn’t the most ideal thing though, especially considering the fact that people were hyped for COD: Warzone because of it being the first crossplay FPS battle royale game. Another issue is the fact that 150 player lobbies are difficult to fill when crossplay is disabled and you only have to rely on other console players, so the players face long match search times.

This doesn’t mean that cheaters don’t exist on consoles. They do exist ofcourse but they aren’t as much in number as they are on PC. Since it is rather easy to buy cheating softwares and hook em up to whatever game you want to cheat in on PC. These sorta players don’t enjoy the game, they just enjoy making the game terrible for others.

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