Sony is slowing down PlayStation download speeds in the US

The policy is already present in Europe, and now moves to US

In an effort to preserve internet capacity for worldwide users, Sony mentioned in its blog that it is working alongside internet providers to slow down game download speeds in the US. This won’t be a new thing for them, as they have already enacted the policy in Europe.

This only means that the game download speeds will be slower. Therefore, online gaming will remain untouched and multiplayer gaming will perform the same way as it did before. Sony isn’t the first one to do this as YouTube, Netflix, Apple, Amazon and Disney all took steps to ensure that the overall strain on internet is lessened in these trying days, where everyone is sitting at home with nothing better to do. The standard definition has been made the default quality on YouTube, however you can still change the quality to HD manually.

As of now there is no news whether Microsoft will be doing a similar thing of slowing down download speeds on their consoles. This pandemic has really brought the world together, and has affected not only physical businesses but the gaming industry too. Gaming industry being affected in a positive way ofcourse, as there is a plethora of free games available these days. Just remember to stay away from large groups of people and keep yourself protected by washing your hands and following a number of other protective methods.

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