Free Games: World War Z and 2 other games free on Epic Store

Get some friends gathered (in their own homes) for some good multiplayer zombie action

World War Z

In the midst of the global pandemic, there is a free games galore going on. World War Z, the co-op zombie horde shooting game is free this week as part of the weekly free games on Epic Store. Alongside this is Figment and Tormentor x Punisher. As usual Epic also unveiled the next weeks free games, which includes the good ol’ game Gone Home, and a puzzle game Hob.

World War Z can be made yours right now right here until 2nd April, although it is rated 18+ so kiddos, please stick with the other two games. Don’t expect some Left 4 Dead level awesomeness, but World War Z has its moments. It also portrays large, and I mean LARGE zombie hordes pretty well. If you’ve seen the movie World War Z, you’ll understand just what sort of zombies are present in this game. They are pretty quick than the average zombie portrait, run at great speeds and have the ability to make a mountain of themselves in order to get somewhere. I mean come on they went inside Jerusalem in the movie which was guarded by huge walls.

World War Z movie
Yep, that’s what you’ll be facing in the game too

The next weeks games are pretty good though. Gone Home is pretty old now but still lives up to the potential and is a neat relaxing game, which is just what we need in these trying times. Whereas Hob is a decent and satisfying puzzler. Both the games will be available from April 2nd. Epic isn’t the only one offering free games, there are a number of other games free on different platforms, along with decent deals and sales.

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