Plague Inc. will let you stop an epidemic with upcoming anti-pandemic mode

The creators are fighting COVID-19 by donating money as well

Plague Inc.

Most of ya’ll are familiar with the game Plague Inc. where you play as a plague and do things COVID-19 is doing. Your goal is to wipe out humanity, however, the creators of the game themselves are surprisingly very pro-human. Ndemic Creations not only decided to donate $250k to COVID-19’s relief, but are also adding a new game mode that will let you stop an epidemic. I mean, if I had a controversial game which was getting more famous at this time, I’d do my best to prove that I’m not a sadistic person looking to end humanity too.

On their website, James Vaughan the creator of Plague Inc. said “Eight years ago, I never imagined the real world would come to resemble a game of Plague Inc. or that so many players would be using Plague Inc. to help them get through an actual pandemic,” He also added “We are proud to be able to help support the vital work of the WHO and CEPI as they work towards finding a vaccine for COVID-19”.

The new game mode, according to Vaughan, will involve players balancing disease progression and boosting healthcare systems. Ofcourse you’ll also have control over real-world actions such as triaging, quarantining, social distancing and closing of public services. So if you’re fed up of the quarantine, you can go ahead and quarantine some virtual non-existent humans in the game and call it a day.

The update will be free for all players during the period of the pandemic, although there is no real date as to when it’ll come. Can’t blame them, the creators are also working from home.

Besides, this isn’t the first game which is free or doing something to make the quarantine situation better for gamers,so do expect more and more developers to do similar things.

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