Games that you can get for free or at heavily discounted prices right now

You don’t need to spend your savings, or spend anything, for these few fun filled games

Amid the coronavacations most of us are having, staying at home and playing games has never been much appreciated until now. Luckily for us the gaming industry itself is helping us stay at home by offering wild deals on games. It’s not difficult to remain isolated when you’ve got 40 indie game demos to try out, and play some of those underappreciated games that forget to stand out. However, if you’re looking for more games and are short on money, or you don’t wanna spend anything at all, we’ve got just the list. These games are either free or very very cheap right now.

Oh another thing to note, they are platform specific games so the platform which has the sale will be mentioned.

Lets look at the free games first, followed by games on sales, which I didn’t mention many cause I know we all prefer free games more.

Goat of Duty

Ah, multiplayer shooters. All we talk about are games like Call of Duty or Battlefield, even Halo and whatnot. Here’s an idea tho, what if they didn’t involve humans as the people fighting each other, but goats.

Yes I am proposing that because of this game, Goat of Duty, which is a fast-paced multiplayer shooter game where you, a goat, have an arsenal of weapons to destroy other goats. So if you’re looking for a fun time with the boys, which involves goats and guns, look no further. Bonus points for it being free to own till 31st March, so grab it soon!

Get it on Steam for free

Mini Metro

Although using public transportation is not the ideal thing to do right now, but if you’re somehow a fan of transports, specifically the metro, here is a game for you. Mini Metro is a puzzle strategy game where you make a rail transit system for your ever expanding city. Play it if you’re looking to manage something and everything else in your life is going mismanaged, I mean you’ll feel organized in some way atleast. Oh and it is free so get it anyways who’s stopping you.

Get it on the Appstore (iOS) or Google Play (Android) for free

Alto’s Adventure + Alto’s Odyssey

To make things easier for people staying at home, the creator of Alto’s Adventure and Odyssey is offering both the games for free on the Appstore and Google Play.

The best thing about these two games is that they are endless runner games, where you don’t run but snowboard, you’ll get the gist of it. Ofcourse that doesn’t mean the game is limited to snowboarding fans, anyone can play it and enjoy the amazing atmosphere and the wonderful aesthetics of the game. If you’re panicking or stressed cause of the corona virus events happening, this game is the right cure to soothe your mind.

Alto’s Adventure – Get it on the Appstore (iOS) and Google Play (Android) for free

Alto’s Odyssey – Get it on the Appstore (iOS) and Google Play (Android) for free

Tresure Adventure Game (and many others)

Going out in the open world and enjoying the great outdoors is good and all, but if you’re lazy like me you’d rather do it virtually, in a game, which is free, and has the word adventure in it. Treasure Adventure Game is a 2D open-world platformer game with the typical aspects of an adventure game; open world, doing quests and finding treasure. You are relatively isolated in this game too, with only a parrot and a wee lil’ boat for skipping across water.

You have GOG to thank for the game being free due to their initiative to encourage people to stay indoors. Another thing to thank them for is this big variety of games that are also free.

The Stanely Parable

Even though this isn’t the most action packed and thrilling game, The Stanely Parable is a good game for a good time. You’ll be taking the role of a white collared worker, Stanely, and go on an exploration spree in your abandoned workplace.

What makes the game great is the British narrator who’ll narrate the paths you take and what the story is and how it is playing out. Ofcourse its a game about humor and some great writing, and the narrator will keep on narrating with new remarks whenever you take your own paths and do your own weird things. You choose your own path and come to a completely different ending than what the game wanted, and ofcourse you’ll have a British lad making fun of you for that.

The game is free on the Epic Store, as a part of their weekly free games thingie they do. Not only this, but Watchdogs is also free on the Epic store alongside this game.

Get it on the Epic Games Store for free

Life is Strange

The Life is Strange series is not something which needs an introduction or anything, if you’re a gamer you’ve definitely heard about this game and even played it. It still has the heart of many people, with its captivating story and beautiful soundtrack, which really hits the emotions part of you throughout the game.

Even though Life is Strange 2 is the latest game, The complete season for the first game is available for $3.99 on the Xbox digital store for the Xbox One. Such a low price for such a great game is unbelievable, so throw some cash towards the store and get a completely new experience in your isolation days.

Get it on the Microsoft Store for $3.99 till 31st March

Space Junkies

If you own VR then you are a rich lad and I envy you, gimme your VR. But seriously, if you own VR, you should pick up Space Junkies, a fast-paced VR arcade shooter that’ll remind you of Quake or Halo, oh and it’ll also crave your hype for Half Life: Alyx. The game also has detailed weapon customization, so if you’re a fan of that get it. Just get it, its cheap

Get it on Steam for $4.99


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