Steam lets you try 40 upcoming indie games free in Steam game festival

Try out a couple of upcoming titles that would’ve demoed if corona wasn’t here


Since the official Game Developers Conference (GDC) isn’t happening, due to you know what virus, good things shall still continue. The Steam Game Festival is back for a spring edition, which will also highlight a couple of small creators. As much as indie games are made with passion and love, they are underappreciated (just like some of these Steam games). Therefore Steam being the good lad is hosting this event in order to shine a spotlight to the upcoming indie games, letting you try out 40 indie games, which is quite a jump from the 12 games that were featured last time.

The event was announced yesterday on Twitter by Geoff Keighley, the host and executive producer of Game Awards, who said that the event was made to help those indie developers who lost the opportunity to show off their indie games in GDC this year. The GDC was to take place this week in San Francisco, but ofcourse amongst the growing pandemic it had to be canceled. However, the Steam Game Festival will be running in full force from March 18th till March 23rd.

The event shows off games from the Indie Megabooth, The Mix, Day of the Devs, and Wings, and boasts a large variety of’ ’em. Since these are upcoming indie games, there are certainly no games that you might be familiar with, so browsing the fresh market of upcoming games will be quite the experience for you. While triple A games are their own big deals, you’ll find some rather unique gems in the indie games, as they aren’t scared to try new things with their games. That is why indie developers and indie games in general count as such a marvelous genre of their own.


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