F1 2019 free to play on Steam for a limited time

Play the Formula 1 racing sim to your heart’s desire until next week

F1 2019

If you’re looking for a great racing sim in the niche market of racing sims, F1 2019 is an amazing contender. Rated highly by many reviewers, F1 2019 has fans all over the world, but even if you aren’t a fan you can still get into this game, who knows maybe you’ll also join the fandom. The game is available free for a limited time on Steam, that is it is available to play for free till March 18th. So you won’t really own the game, but you’ll be playing it for free till March 18th.

F1 2019 features the Formula 2 Championship, which was the most requested feature according to the franchise director. The feature was added last year and made the fans of the game very happy as the devs listened to them and gave them what they wanted. F2 provides a challenge to the players in the way that all cars in F2 are identical, therefore providing equality on the basis of the cars and the real skill of driving is tested. F1 doesn’t have this, F1 features various models of cars from various manufacturers, giving some people an advantage over others.

Ofcourse no one gives away games for free (except Epic Games Store who has been giving out games every week) and this is a marketing strategy in order to get more players into the game. That is why F1 2019 is on a whopping 70% discount, with price $5.99 from original price of $19.99. Whereas F1 2019 Anniversary edition is down to $6.89 from $22.99. Hence the free to play period is really a glorified demo to play before you buy the game, and 4 days is enough time to get an idea of whether you want a game or not. And while some of us aren’t always a fan of these popular chad games, these are some underappreciated Steam games you might have missed this Month.

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