Four new underappreciated Steam games March 2020

You tend to forget the little gems that come out alongside bigger games, so here’s a list of some of the underappreciated Steam games

underappreciated Steam games

Gaming industry is really on a boom most of the time, and everyday there are many games that are released. Steam being such a popular client, gets many new games everyday, from AAA games to indie games. Among all these, some really nice gaming gems are lost. Even among the biggest games that have released these 3 months of 2020, there are a few good games lost amongst the popularity and hype of the bigger ones. So here’s a nice list, courtesy of pcgamer, that highlights some of those good but underappreciated Steam games.


MoonQuest has been in development for 8 years and is finally out now. If you’re a fan of Terraria you’re bound to love this game as it is a procedurally generated adventure game. Go exploring in the many environments which include castles and dungeons. You won’t get bored with its huge quantity of playable characters.

Get it on Steam for $8.20.

Beautiful Desolation

Beautiful Desolation is another take on a post-apocalyptic adventure game which features an isometric art style. You’re in search of your lost brother Don, and must soar through the wasteland and face off the environment and puzzles the place throws at you. Another eye-raising thing about this game, it features music by Mick Gordon, who is famous for the music in Doom (2016) and Wolfenstein.

Get it on Steam for $8.20

Out of Space

We’ve all played atleast a dozen space games in our life. Ofcourse, travelling through space on spaceships never made you wonder about the domestic upkeeps that are a part of it. Well now you can deal with those perils in Out of Space, a couch coop game which features procedurally generated spaceships and has you doing chores with your friends. There is a singleplayer mode but it is best when played with friends, so if you don’t have friends then go and get some my dude.

Get it on Steam for $6.99


SimAirport has been in Early Access for quite some time, but it finally came out at the end of this February. Through the course of its development, it attracted many people as it promised them full fledge control over all the aspects related to airport and airplanes. Ofcourse, that is what it delivered on release, you have full control over everything you can think of and people’s reviews tell that clearly. The game is brilliantly made and deserves the title of a simulator and tycoon game, not forgetting the fact that it can get stressful.

Get it on Steam for $8.50


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