Upcoming Resident Evil 3 Remake will get a demo soon

We’ll get a sneak peek of our good ol’ Racoon City’s return in Resident Evil 3 Remake


Since the remake of Resident Evil 2 gained such popularity and was successful, a second remake is on the way. Resident Evil 3 remake will see you playing the lead character Jill Valentine and her misadventures as she tries to escape Racoon City. Ofcourse the game features the big, mean and quite terrifying Nemesis we all have bad memories of.

In a tweet by Resident Evil, a demo of Resident Evil 3 remake has been announced. Although the official date is still unknown, further details by them will be provided.

While Resident Evil 2 suffocated you inside the Racoon City Police Department, Resident Evil 3 will offer you much more freedom. You’ll be surviving in Racoon City this time, which is a bigger area to explore and survive in, all the while Nemesis chases you around like a cat chasing a mouse. No this won’t be like Mr. X from RE2, who’ll slowly follow you around. Nemesis is quite strong and will be unpredictable, attacking you at unexpected places at random times.

Resident Evil 3 Remake demo

RE3 remake was announced back in December 2019 by Capcom. Apart from the single-player campaign that everyone is actually excited for, the game will feature multiplayer as well. Resident Evil Resistance will have a four-vs-one multiplayer mode. The game is set to release on April 3 on PC, PS4, and  Xbox One, which means that the demo is probably around the corner. There are, ofcourse, other interesting games releasing the same month as RE3 remake.

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