Metro Exodus coming to Steam, won’t stay an Epic Games exclusive

Mark February 15th on your calenders

Metro Exodus

After an year long wait by the people who hate Epic Games and only buy games on Steam, Metro Exodus is finally hitting the shelfs on Steam store. According to this tweet, Metro Exodus will “return” to Steam on Saturday, February 15th. Yes that is one day after valentines so you won’t have to deal with your loved one. The “return” part means that the game was yanked off of the Steam store and sent to Epic Games to become an exclusive and make people angry.

The game will become available in different regions at the times mentioned in the tweet.

Metro Exodus is latest among other games arriving to Steam after quite long periods of platform exclusivity, such as Red Dead Redemption 2. The result of Epic offering a lavish 88/12 percent revenue split compared to Steam’s 70/30 has made many developers stick to releasing games on the Epic Store, and also explains the exclusivity of most games. Although gamers themselves haven’t been happy, as some people are generally mistrustful of other platforms than Steam.

Metro Exodus sale

Epic is countering the Steam release by putting the game and it’s expansions on a sale of upto 40% off until a day before the Steam release. The game has also been available on Google Stadia, the cloud gaming service, ever since the service launched.

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