Free Games: Kingdom Come: Deliverance to go free on Epic Store

After this week’s free board game adaptations, the next week will be a good one

Like all the previous times, Epic Games Store doesn’t stop giving us free games every week. Now that the week is over, Farming Simulator 2019 isn’t available for free anymore, but two more games are free this week. The board game adaptations  Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride can be made yours for free.


Carcassone is a classic board game which includes tile placement. The game offers a variety of tiles that are randomly drawn, making you think before you place your piece and build a landscape. Using strategy and tactics, you’ll be placing the tiles on the best possible places. Board Gamers Anonymous has held the game in high regard, praising it in all sorts of ways.

Ticket to Ride is also a board game adaptation. You being the owner of an old railroad, must draw and play cards to claim the routes and destinations. You have to keep the upper hand and draw good routes and destinations before others do, however. Both these games are qutie old, but being the board games they are, they hold up well. Besides, the value for money is great.

The two board games are free until 11am ET on February 13 on the Epic Games Store. The real goodness in the next week though. From February 13 to 20, Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Aztez will be free. Kingdom Come Deliverance is an excellent medieval RPG which really shows you how difficult it was living in the medieval times, with its realism in almost everything. And Aztez is a more family friendly turn-based game with a bit of beat-em-up added to it.

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