Fortnite teases a new collaboration event with “Birds of Prey”

Harley Quinn skin might be coming soon

Harley Quinn Fortnite


Harley Quinn is coming to Fortnite boys get your wallets ready. Fortnite tweeted an image of Harley Quinn’s mallet with her Suicide Squad hairstyle, confirming that the collab is pretty near. Even before the teaser, there were Harley Quinn skins datamined from the game’s recent patch.

Even though there isn’t any real confirmation of the collab between Fortnite and Birds of Prey, Fortnite has made a reference to the upcoming movie a second time now. The first being Fortnite replying “See you soon Harley” to a cast video of Birds of Prey.

Along with that, Fortnite dataminer Lucas7yoshi tweeted this picture of Harley Quinn and her alternate form out, thereby confirming the fact that a Harley Quinn skin will be coming.

There probably will be some challenges accompanying the skin, whenever it comes out. We can only wait for the official announcement, which might include other challenges as well to earn items free of cost, similar to the previous Fortnite collabs.

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