Watch Unity show off in its short film The Heretic

A tech demo and sci-fi short meant to make you drop your jaw in amazement

Unity’s cinematic tech demo, The Heretic, is now available to watch completely. The short film was teased back in GDC last year and featured around 3 minutes of cinematic experience. However, the complete release is about 7 minutes long, which is still significant for a tech demo.

The Heretic is mainly aimed at showing off what the Unity engine can do, although it does try to compete with movies. This version of the film was made using Unity 2019.3, showing off all the features that upcoming engine boasts. Last year, Unity 2019.3 entered final beta testing and it will definitely be releasing in sometime.

As it can be seen, the Unity team wanted to create a very realistic-looking human model, the hero of the short film. Using a combination of 3D and 4D scanning, the team generated textures and realistic movement as well as the very tiny details that make the human look realistic, such as wrinkles and pores. If you’re interested in the “behind the scenes” part of the cinematic experience,  watch this video to get an in-depth look at the processes used to make such life-like situations.

There is a very low possibility for the time being that a Unity-based game will have visuals similar to The Heretic, and even if it does I’m sure it’ll burn our GPUs, but it sure is a nice feeling to see how far animations have come, and what amazing things the Unity engine can do when needed.

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