6 Games from the 2000s which still look great graphically

These video games from the 2000s were way ahead of their time

Game graphics these days are just stunning, and games like Red Dead Redemption 2 PC look absolutely brilliant. However, the humble beginnings of some games are still worthy of appraisal in this era, as these games from the 2000s still hold up graphically.

6. Half Life 2 – 2004

Although the graphics of Half Life 2 weren’t all that big a deal, but for a game that came out in 2004 it deserves a spot in this list. The biggest point to note is the big jump in graphics that was made from Half Life to Half Life 2, it is almost like the lowest settings of RDR2 PC compared to Ultra settings. Yes we’ll be joking about RDR2 PC because that is what it is for now. Another reason why this game is on this list is the animations of facial expressions that the characters had. Even in the present time there are games which aren’t as successful at showing the individual differences in expressions as Half Life 2 was.

5. Grand Theft Auto IV – 2008

While GTA V is always mentioned in the “great graphics” lists everywhere, mainly because well it actually is a good looking game, GTA IV shouldn’t be forgotten about either. That good ol’ game featuring Niko and his cousin who never gets to go on bowling with him still holds up and had quite nice graphics for its time. Similar to GTA V, the small details made GTA IV as well. The setting of GTA IV, set in New York, made the game. Literally. Walking around the streets in the game felt like you were walking in the streets of New York in real life. Ofcourse modding the game makes it reach a level of recent games but we’re talking about the base game here. They nailed that setting with good, smooth graphics and topped it off with great physics and Niko’s cousin.

4. Far Cry 2 – 2008

This game has more realism to it than Far Cry 5. That should sum up everything about it. This game was way ahead of its time in visuals as well as mechanics. 11 years later and its still a game you’ll be able to play and not get disappointed. Far Cry 2’s new engine made the game a sight to behold, with its excellent physics system which made the environement highly reactive, as foliage moved around naturally with the wind and other external forces such as explosions. Heck you could even shoot down individual branches off the trees. Fire would spread based on wind, the exhaust of your rocket launcher would set the grass on fire, and much much more. I may be fangirling and this is ofcourse my own opinion, but do try the game if you haven’t already.

3. Mirror’s Edge – 2008

Ah yes the parkour game where you’d avoid bullets by parkouring your way around town. Having a brilliant and unique idea, Mirror’s Edge brought first person parkour to the gaming world, and did so with a lot of grace and some amazing visuals. I remember playing the game back then and thinking to myself that games couldn’t get more realistic looking than this. I was wrong yes, but that can be justified; Mirror’s Edge still looks like a recent, modern era game if you ask a non-gamer. It had some spectacular bloom and lightning effects, which made the modern city look brilliant. Not including Mirror’s Edge in this list would’ve been a sin.

2. Uncharted 2 – 2009

This game had to make the list ofcourse. Uncharter 2 was a beast of a game in terms of graphics at that time. Uncharted 2 had an amazing setting and world, and a stunning motion capture system which showed the power of technology through a display of brilliant expressions. The environments in this game were gorgeous and diverse, ranging from ruins, tombs, villages, snowy mountains and much more. All these variety of locations and different environments made that game an excellent “show off” material, which you’d show to your parents and tell em how good games look now. The fact that it was on the PS3 showed the power that console had. The already gorgeous game ofcourse got better through remasters, and the series continued till Uncharted 4, with each game becoming more and more beautiful.

1. Crysis – 2007

Can it run Crysis? Ah yes the good ol’ joke where Crysis was a game which required power that didn’t even exist then. They should change the joke to “Can it run RDR2” now, since that is the new Crysis these days, even though its graphics aren’t a big deal for the time. Crysis’s graphics were mindblowingly good for the time it was released in. The Can it run Crysis joke didn’t just emerge out of nowhere. The big map of Crysis filled with a shit-ton of foliage and jungles really made people’s mouths open in awe of the graphics. It also had reactive environments, with trees being shredded due to your bullets, and also included some great effects such as blur, depth of field etc. Crysis was also the first game which used Directx 10 at that time. All of these reasons and more make the game rank number 1 on this list.

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