Fortnite’s Halloween event features an epic Storm King battle

Prepare to fight the Storm King in Battle Royale!

Storm king

Fortnite is a game which is so dynamic and ever-changing that it’s crazy. I say this because Epic has yet again delivered a brilliant event. This year’s Fortnitemare event, which is the annual Fortnite’s way of celebrating Halloween, features a gamemode where you fight the literal king of storm.

Introducing a raid boss mode, the Storm King LTM 20 players including you have to work together to defeat this monster responsible for everything bad in the world. 20 players are dropped in the center of the map, and after a brief period of time the Storm King gets summoned with all his might and fright. Although players of Fortnite Save the World mode will know this guy from their misadventures.

Storm King

With a small area to play in, the Storm King quickely becomes a menace. His attacks deal a lot of damage, usually knocking you out in one hit. While you will feel his wrath about to unleash on you when he turns towards you, you’ll have the opportunity to escape if you’re quick enough. Just don’t get caught in his energy beam, it’ll go through your builds and in a jiffy you’ll be on the ground. Although you can depend on your teammates, but given how chaotic the mode is they’ll likely abandon you.

The only way to defeat him is to first destroy his weak spots that appear on his body. After destroying 3 weak spots you’ll be able to damage his Storm Horn. Destroying both the storm horns will give you the win. Just kidding, that’s not where it ends. You’ll be presented with a large health pool to damage the Storm King, where you’ll also have to deal with the absolute chaos that is happening in the end. Just play it once and you’ll understand how bad it gets. However, it sure is fun. If you consider falling meteors, laser beams, and a heck-ton of zombies all chasing you fun.

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Although this is the first time something such as this is featured on Fortnite, it’s not a new concept. PVE raid fights have existed before in games such as World of Warcraft and Destiny. Being something new on Fortnite, it still is a fun mode since players are now used to working together in large numbers due to Team Rumble and Squad matches. Storm King LTM is just a fun little mode which makes you fight the same target, as opposed to another player.

Defeating the Storm King will give you a Fortnitemare victory umbrella, which is a pretty cool umbrella for absolutely no cost if you ask me.

On top of that you’ll earn some insane amounts of XP and level your Battle Pass easily, since earning XP is easier now.

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