Fortnite Season 11 leaked on the App Store

I wonder if this is deliberate every season, but is Fortnite Season 11 leaked?

Fortnite Season 11 leaked


With Fortnite Season 10 almost coming to an end, everyone’s lookin to the horizons for the next season. It’s almost shocking how quickly this Season is over, time really does fly. Anyhow, in the realm of “Fortnite Season 11 leaked”, some of the leaks had people convinced that there is a new map on the way for Fortnite. No they aren’t copying Apex Legends okay? However, to add to the convinced amount of people, a new leak in the form of Fortnite Chapter 2 on the Italian iOS App Store brings the leaks to the truer side.

In the Italian App Store, the picture above was displayed on the images part of the Fortnite app. The title on the picture is “Fortnite Capitolo 2”, which translates to Chapter 2 in English. We can also see 3 of the default skins, with our boy Jonesy in the middle, looking towards an unfamiliar map. According to Fortnite fans ofcourse, this is possibly the new map coming next season.

Although Epic has declined to address the leaks, probably to avoid facing their untimely mistake, the leaks have been addressed by the Fortnite community in detail.

Reddit user Giacozzo posted a screen recording of the Fortnite App Store situation thingamajig in order to prove that it is indeed real and not a fake leak. There was also a video with the image but it’s difficult to figure out what is going on in it.

here is a video for those who think it’s fake! from r/FortNiteBR

The Reddit Fortnite community is very sure that this is real, as several mistakes like this in the past have turned out to be real. Some of the past Seasons had their cover pictures leaked in a similar way. If Fortnite is taking the next Season in this route, it will be a very welcome change. The current map had become majorly cluttered with all the new places and rift zones and what not. So a new fresh map, where the devs can do new things and the players can enjoy the change, is much needed. What’s with the John Wick Chapter 2 vibe to the name you might ask? Now Fortnite Season 11 wouldn’t look that good would it, especially if they are trying to introduce new things.

It can also mean that the next chapter of Fortnite will face a new story, as the current story will probably end with Season 10’s end.

The next Season comes out on October 14th, after it got delayed for reasons unknown.

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