Playstation 5 release date confirmed, it comes out ‘holidays 2020’

Juicy new details about the Playstation 5 release date are here

Playstation 5 release date

After a long period of waiting for an official Playstation 5 release date announcement, we finally have it. Although we already had a rough idea of the announce date, this ones for the buyers who want to save up money. According to the Sony CEO Jim Ryan, the next gen console, with the official name of Playstation 5, will release in time for “holidays 2020′. Ryan told this in an interview with Wired.


In the interview, which involved Ryan and Mark Cerny the system architect, there were more clarifications made on the topic of Playstation 5. The first and foremost being ray-tracing. Ray-tracing gives game environments some amazing lightning, as seen in this demo. The confirmation made on ray-tracing was that it indeed is a hardware based ray-tracing and not some software changes which would provide something similar to ray-tracing. This means that ray-tracing will actually be accelerated through the console’s hardware, which in turn means that the PS5 will have a hefty graphics card that supports ray-tracing.

Playstation 5 release date ray tracing
Ray-tracing gives games some amazing visuals by enhancing the lightning in the environment

Solid State Drive

Another feature of the Playstation 5 we already knew was the support for SSD. The Playstation 5 will feature solid state drives which will allow for efficient gaming. The texture load times will decrease dramatically, and the game loading time will be significantly faster. Not only that but it’ll feature some neat storage customization features. You’ll be able to manually select whether you want to download a game’s multiplayer only and leave the campaign for later on. Therefore you save space if you just want to play a game’s multiplayer.

Dualshock 4

Dualshock 5

Let’s talk controller. As the console is called Playstation 5, so one can assume the controller will be called Dualshock 5. Cerny, in the interview, spoke about an interesting feature of the new controller, its “adaptive triggers”. These so called adaptive triggers will change, or adapt, naturally to different scenarios in the game, e.g. they’ll adapt to the type of weapon you’re using in a shooting game. A machine gun will end up feeling different than a pistol and you’ll feel this change on the controller.

There was no real talk about any games which would release with the Playstation 5 on launch. However we do have a feeling one of them will be Dying Light 2 which we talked about in August. There’s no official news, however.

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