Monster Hunter World will be getting a very uncanny crossover

Zombify your monster hunting experience with this bizarre crossover coming soon

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World hasn’t stopped getting updates after it got its first major expansion, Iceborne, in September. This November will bring a very strange crossover to the game. Get ready for the crossover of Monster Hunter World with the world of Resident Evil.

The whole crossover trailer is a weird experience. It starts out normal, with Claire and Leon, the main protogonists of the Resident Evil series, being introduced as playable characters. But then things go haywire. The very normal and peaceful intro suddenly turns into the apocalypse. Zombified versions of the hunters come up in the world of Monster Hunter. The overall atmosphere becomes that of Resident Evil, all eerie and creepy. With the addition of a cozy looking Resident Evil style mansion, which suddenly takes a turn for creepy as zombies wake up everywhere. Ofcourse they end up killing Leon and Claire, this is the end Resident Evil was always looking to make.

It seems like the zombified hunters are probably going to be skins for everyone to get. There’s also a thriller style dance being done by all the dead hunters, which is truly bizarre but ok. It’ll probably be one of the few emotes this new update will bring. You can finally fulfill your Micheal Jackson thriller fantasies with your friends now.

Oh and we couldn’t forget our good ol’ Mr X from Resident Evil 2 now could we. He won’t be chasing you around though. Mr X is shown in a more wholesome manner than one could expect of Mr X. He is seen working a kitchen, and being helpful with Leon at a campfire. Perhaps we’ll all forget to be scared of Mr X after this crossover event.

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