Guide: How to get a month of Origin Access for free

Ever wanted to try the service out but didn’t want to waste some $$$?


If you’ve been looking to get your hands on some of EA’s games on the PC, then look no further. Origin Access is a game subscription service similar to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass or Ubisoft’s Uplay+. For $4.99 a month, or $19.99 an year, you can get access to about 229+ games via Origin Access Basic. New games are occasionally added, including the expansions packs for games. You also get a 10-hour early access to upcoming games with the Basic package. Origin Access Premier, although costs a little more, provides access to new titles such as FIFA 20 and gives unlimited early access to upcoming games, as well as some other bigger titles.

But lets get to the real reason why you’re here, how to get a month Origin Access for free! No you don’t need to add some credit card info for a free trial nor do you have to go through 1000 surveys. EA was feeling generous and has offered to give a Origin Access Basic month for free to anyone who activates login verification. That’s right, it’s just a few very simple steps to get a free month of gaming on Origin Access.

How to get Origin Access for free:

  1. So first and foremost, you must have an EA account ofcourse. So go ahead and make one or login to your account.
  2. After you’re done making the account, head to the Security settings in your account.
  3. Under the Login Verification tab, click Turn On.
  4. You’ll recieve a code on your E-mail associated with your EA account, you just need to paste the code in the activation tab and voila you’re done.
Image has been altered to hide sensitive info, don’t be alarmed if your screen doesn’t look like this

This offer is available for a limited time by EA, as it will expire on October 31st. If you turn on Login Verification anytime before that, you’ll get your free Origin Access month. However, the membership will activate in the month of November. Since Origin Access is a PC subscription, make sure you have Origin client installed as that will be your gateway to the bundle of games available.

In the case you are an active member of Origin Access, you won’t be charged for the month of November. If you’re a member of Origin Access Premier, you’ll get another free month of Premier instead. Oh and if you already had Login Verification active, don’t worry you’ll get the free month too! Happiness noises all around.

Origin Access is for the PC gamers out there, so if you’re a console gamers, this article will be of no use to you. However, if you have a PS4, Playstation Now got a reduction in its prices for the game streaming service, so go on ahead and check that out.

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