Fortnite Season 10 extended by Epic Games in latest patch

Those of you waiting for the next Fortnite season will have to wait a tad bit more

Fortnite Season 10 extended

The latest Fortnite patch, V10.40.1, brought a surprising info for Fortnite players. The next season is delayed by a week. Previously, Season 10 was expected to end on October 6th. But after the recent patch, Season 10 is extended till October 13th. That gives you more time to enjoy Season 10, along with letting you enjoy more of the Gotham area, as well a time to buy the Batman Caped Crusader Pack. If you were saving money for it that is.

This extension was very casually announced in one line in the recent Fortnite patch V10.40.1. However, Epic Games didn’t give any reason to this Fortnite season 10 extended thingie. It might be that they’ve had technical difficulties making the event for the next season. Or they could just want a week off before they release the next season. I mean it must be tiring making Season 10 so dynamic with new things happening every day, everyone deserves a rest.

Moving along, the patch also introduced some new things. For the Battlepass owners, remember Overtime? This season’s overtime missions will start from October 8th till October 13th, bringing some sweet end-season XP, cosmetics and a memorable loading screen for season 10. It also gives you something productive to do in the game by doing missions (if you see it that way).

Another thing to knock you out of your feet, the Flint-Knock pistol is unvaulted. There was also some tweaking done to Zone Wars, with two seperate LTM playlists for Party and Solo Zone Wars.

So go ahead and get into Fortnite season 10 extended, the downtime is obviously off so you can play the last 2 weeks of season 10 before the next season storms up with a big update and new things. We’ll keep you updated (hopefully!).

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