PS Plus October 2019: Free PS Plus games for the Playstation

If you missed your chance to play these games, go ahead and give em a free try this October

PS Plus October

The PS plus games for the spooky month are now out. PS Plus members can now enjoy these games for free, which they’ll keep as long as they are subscribed to the membership.

In anticipation of the next in series game, The Last of Us part II, members have been given the chance to play The Last of Us Remastered. Sony announced, among other things, a release date for the next part of The Last of Us series in their recent State of Play event.

There’s something for the sports fans too. No this isn’t the release of PES 2019 which will get removed again after a while. This one’s for the baseball fans. MLB The Show 19 is another free PS plus October game. Although it is rather surprising that they release another sports game after the previous one got negative responses. Sony likes to live dangerously.

PS Plus October games

However, given that Sony made The Last of Us Remastered free for the users, a game of high value and quality, they could’ve released any game and no one would’ve really cared to complain. Unless ofcourse you’ve played the game again and again cause it’s the only game you got with your PS4 and you couldn’t afford other games. If that’s the case, then F in the chats for you.

Although you could use a replay of the game if you’ve sold the disk to someone in the past and want to experience the story again before the events of the next game transpire. And if you’re someone who bought a console only and never got to play The Last of Us Remastered till now, are you even a true gamer. Just kidding, you can give it a go now and have some emotional fun.

If you’re not a member of PS Plus yet, become one right now and you’ll be able to access the PS Plus October games

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