Fortnite Batman crossover officially came it is awesome

It’s all Batman for the next 2 weeks in Fortnite

The Fortnite Batman crossover went official yesterday. This was an expected crossover after the leaked images came out some days ago. An ambitious crossover, Fortnite x Batman is here to stay till Oct 6, bringing Gotham City to Tilted Town. Not only that, but there’s straight up Batman and Catwoman skins for the taking too!

Catwoman’s Comic Book Outfit is available to purchase directly from the store for 1500 Vbucks, along with a Cat backbling to suit her. In addition to that, the Cat’s Claws pickaxe is also available for 800 Vbucks, along with the Batglider for 1200 Vbucks. You’ll need some serious Vbucks for the whole DC set available on the store. There are a couple of emotes to go with these too.

Fortnite Batman crossover store

Let’s talk about the real deal ofcourse. Our caped warrior, Batman, is also an outfit now. The Caped Crusader Pack is available in the in-game store, the store where you buy Vbucks from, for $20.00. It includes two Batman outfits, one being the comic book version and one being the dark knight outfit. The pack also has the Batwing glider, two cape backblings, and a Batman pickaxe.

Fortnite Batman crossover

Don’t be scared when you see someone swooping in with a Batman glider in Gotham City, it’s a feature of that place. The in-game changes involve Tilted Town becoming Gotham City, where you have unlimited glider redeploys, which give everyone batman-themed gliders.

As leaked earlier this week, there are two new weapons as well: The Explosive Batarang and the Batman Grapnel Gun. The Grapnel Gun has 10 shots and acts like a slightly different grappler (miss that thing). Once shot on solid environment, it’ll auto-deploy a bat glider to get you out of a sticky situation. This makes it a very useful mobility tool, since Fortnite Season X really lacks mobility.

As for the Explosive Batarang, well it is what the name suggests. If thrown on enemies, it homes in on them and deals 50 damage when it explodes, making it useful when someones hiding behind a corner. The Batarang also deals 200 explosive damage to structures, making it useful to destroy builds and whatnot. Not only that, but it also acts as a mine when thrown on solid environment, sort of like the clingers, the difference being that it can be picked up again if it hasn’t exploded.

Last but not the least, the crossover also has some free challenges for the people who can’t afford the shop thingamajigs. You’ll get a cool spray, a nice batman banner and a glider while doing the challenges. Not a bad deal for freebies.

For a list of other changes in this Fortnite Batman crossover, refer to Epic’s V10.31 patch notes.

Following the Batman hype, due to Batman day falling on 21st September, Epic is giving 6 Batman games for free to PC users!

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