Fortnite x Batman collaboration rumored by data miners

In the age of many Fortnite collabs, Batman is probably going to be the most desired one

Fortnite x Batman

Fortnite really is going on a collaboration spree these days. After the collab with Baba Yaga, aka John Wick Chapter 3, and a recent Fortnite x Borderlands 3, Batman might be visting Fortnite.

A seasoned Fortnite leaker Lucas7yoshi has brought fine new leaks to the table. The leaked images suggest a Fortnite x Batman happening soon. Although we have no official news about this, but here’s all that we do know.

Diving deep into the game’s update files, Lucas pulled out a couple of images which give us an idea of what is possibly coming in the near future. The FortNiteBR subreddit is, ofcourse; discussing all this. More and more images are coming up regarding the items that are to come. These include but are not limited to a Grapnel gun, a Batman cape, a Batarang, new glider(s) and possibly a Gotham map. Similar to the Borderlands 3 Pandora map, Gotham could replace one of the cities of Fortnite temporarily, although the images clearly resemble Tilted.

All new Leaks found within the latest update. from r/FortNiteBR

Not only this, but there’s also reports of new Batman themed skins coming to the game. The twitter page @FNBRHQ mentioned 3 encrypted skins, two being male and one female. This could either be a Batman and Joker skin, along with Harley Quinn or Batgirl.

A recent tweet by Lucas7yoshi states that the Batman stuff will probably be in a bundle that you purchase from the Store and not the item shop. However, it isn’t a confirmed information and we sure hope it isn’t like that. Not everyone prefers to buy a bundle from the store when they have Vbucks sitting in their account.

While there is no information regarding when this crossover will come out, we can expect it around 21st of September, as that day is the annual Batman Day where our caped hero’s launch is celebrated.

As all the previous events have done, you can expect a couple of challenges surrounding this event. If you’re not someone who spends money on Fortnite, you can probably grab a few items for free. We’ll be sure to keep you updated about the challenges, if there are any. Although if you’re a DC fan you should keep your wallet prepared.

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