Wireless SNES controller for Switch is now available to purchase

Switch Online members, you can buy these wireless SNES controllers from the store now


As announced about two weeks ago, the SNES games were made available for the Nintendo Switch. Ofcourse, to play those you should go all out and really feel the nostalgia kick in. Exclusively for that feeling, the wireless SNES controller is now available. There’s just one little requirement though; you need to be a Switch Online member to buy it.

Why’s that the case, you might ask. It’s obviously because you need the membership anyways to play the SNES games. So while you have that, you’re allowed to buy the controller too. So if you’re a collector who just wants the wireless SNES controller, you need to pay the $4 subscription for a month first, and $30 more for the controller. Not so easy being a collector in 2019 is it.

Wireless SNES controller switch

Although it’s a nice classic controller, they aren’t really useful outside of playing the SNES games. Obviously the modern games require use of analogs, triggers and whatnot, features the classic SNES controller lacks. This is similar to the wireless NES controllers as well, they aren’t of much use outside of the classic games. However, you don’t have to buy two controllers for a price of $60 and let one of them go to waste cause you’ve got no friends, as was the case with the NES controllers. This time you can get a single wireless SNES controller for $30, no more money wasted yay. Although it is quite sad that you aren’t buying two of them. Also you can’t have more than 3  friends because the limit to buy these controller per customer is 4.

However, we would recommend you get your friend to add in his $30 and buy another controller, so you both can enjoy the sweet new multiplayer features the SNES games have. Don’t expect much use from the controller when you play the Star Wars games though.

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