New Nintendo Switch games coming this week, September 15-21

A week full of fun new game releases and remasters for the Nintendo Switch

New Nintendo Switch games

Nintendo Switch owners can get a load of this week. The handheld console is getting some new titles as well as remakes. There’s a few indie titles here and there, a game which has a goose involved and more.

Let’s have a look at some of the new Nintendo Switch games

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Switch – September 20


New Nintendo Switch games

Isn’t Zelda¬†Link cute here? This one’s a complete remaster of the Game Boy title Link’s Awakening. It still offers the same story, dungeons and other areas as the original game. However, it has an entirely new art style which is sure to satisfy you. On top of that, there’s new music and soundtrack as well as the completely new Dungeon Editor mode. If you have an Amiibo you can unlock extra mini-games for the dungeon editor. Link’s Awakening Amiibo will give you the dark and evil Shadow Link.

Castle Crashers Remastered

Switch & PS4 – September 17

If you had an Xbox back in the days, you’ll remember this classic 2008 Xbox Live arcade game. It got released for the Xbox One back in March. But now you Switch owners, as well as PS4 owners, can get this game. Castle Crashers Remastered is another remaster (ofcourse) for the Switch and PS4. You can play this game with four people who you wanna beat up in style (not in real life). Or if you’re the unity type you can do co-op together. The remaster comes with all the DLCs and runs at smooth 60 FPS. In addition to that, it includes a mini-game “Back Off Barbarian”. It’s a great deal.

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered

Switch, PS4 & PC – September 20

Games really were amazing back in the days weren’t they. This 2011’s Studio Ghibli inspired RPG was an amazing game back in the days. With beautiful visuals, where the games cut-scenes were animated brilliantly, the game seemed like it couldn’t be made better. However, the remaster is, you guessed it, better. It looks even better than the original, and runs at 60 FPS. Although the game is the same as before. Somethings should remain unchanged shouldn’t they. The remaster is only coming for the PC and PS4, whereas the original game will come out for the Switch on 20th of September.

Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns

Switch – September 19

Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns is an RPG (yes an RPG) where battles are fought not by brutally spinning your sword around, but rather by solving a match-three puzzle game. Your attacks and moves depend on the sort of combinations you make, so be sure to use your brain accordingly with the tactics. The game is another remaster for the Nintendo Switch, and it includes the original game and all the expansions with the addition of one new expansion named “Attack of the Golem Lord”. It will be available on September 19 for $14.99 on the Nintendo Store.

Untitled Goose Game

Switch & PC – September 20

Sorry I kept you waiting for so long for the goose. The game’s name is Untitled Goose Game, it isn’t actually untitled but that’s the name and you see that’s the joke…haha good one developers. You’re the typical evil goose out there in the world to cause havoc and mayhem. It is a stealth game, yes that’s right stealth game, where you as a goose are supposed to bother humans, cause that’s what we deserve. What has the gaming world come to, I love it. You can buy the game on the Nintendo Store on September 20th for $19.99.

The library of games for Nintendo Switch is ever expanding, with games such as Star Wars getting ported to it as well as the online services offering SNES games. More new Nintendo Switch games, such as FIFA 20, are on their way and we’ll try our best to keep you updated.

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