Doom 2016 revived in Doom 2, thanks to a modder

Stay in the present by stepping into the past

Doom 2016

Fans of the Doom Series may yet want to play the classics again. Prepare to do Doom 2016 in the style of Doom 1993. Doom 2016  is still played quite a lot by Doom fans and non-fans alike. It was a significant improvement upon the classic game series and had it’s moments. I’m sure all the fans of the series have had fun with the 2016 version of Doom, but those who want a nostalgia trip can get a load of this news: A very creative modder has gone ahead and has brought the 2016 Doom game into the Doom 2 of 1993 after a 2 years project.

The Doom 4 Vanilla project is an ambitious crossover between the 90s and the 20s. A Doom modder, Noiser, has worked on the Doom 4 vanilla project for 2 years. His aim being: “Doom 2016 the Way 1993 Did It”. After 2 years he has announced the gameplay mod for Doom 2 that is inspired by Doom 2016.

It has everything you would expect from a re-creation of a modern Doom.The weapons, enemies and the way you kickass and destroy demons all has been perfectly re-created in a vanilla friendly way. Noiser has very smoothly remade the elements of Doom 2016 to suit the 1993 version. Just have a look at the trailer down below. This mod brings all the awesomeness in a nostalgia inducing way. And it’s PC hardware friendly. So if you’ve ever wanted to experience Doom 2016 without the fancy graphics, this ones for you! I would recommend you build a nice budget PC though.

The selling point is not only the fact that it’s a modern game in an older yet classic system, but also the fact that the mod is free. The mod’s  Doomworld forum, which was made by Noiser when he had started working on the mod, has all the instructions listed in it as well as the files.

Not only that, but it is also playable on an MS-DOS system. So if you have a somehow have a DOS machine lying around in this age you can play it on that too. Alternatively you can just use DOSBox on your modern PC. Modders will never cease to surprise me.

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