EA wants unity for all through its Project Atlas cloud gaming service

What is Project Atlas? How can I play games on my living room TV? Let’s answer that.

Project Atlas

Ever imagined you’ll be able to play your favorite games on the go? Well you probably did imagine who am I kidding it’s 2019 anything is possible now. Anyway Electronic Arts (EA) is making your wish come true. Yes that’s right EA, prepare your wallets guys. Project Atlas; this isn’t the name of a game or anything, it’s infact the name of EA’s cloud gaming service. EA is currently working on Project Atlas, which they had announced last year in October.

Project Atlas is a cloud gaming technology which will allow you to play any EA game on multiple devices. Yes that means you don’t need to buy a seperate FIFA game for your console, PC, smartphone, or microwave (if that’s your thing) etc.  Another good news is that you won’t need fancy new hardware and expensive products to run the games. This will be possible through cloud gaming.

No you won’t be gaming on fluffy clouds made of water, the “cloud” in cloud gaming refers to the cloud in services such as cloud saves or cloud storage.

Project Atlas titanlfall 2

Project Atlas trial

As a matter of fact, although we’re a little late to this information (sorry). EA recently held a surprise Cloud Gaming Technical Trial on September 10. This was available to people who had signed up for community playtesting. These people got to try out four EA games. These were FIFA 19, NFS Rivals, Titanfall 2 and Unravel. Although a surprise little test, it was done to check how the service performs in real-life situations. Not only that, but it was also done to test whether the game progression is carried over to normal save-games, and how lag, ping, jitter etc. affects gameplay.

Although EA dreams of having their games played on any device with a screen, there isn’t any proper release date or expected rewlease date revealed by the company. Unlike it’s competitors, Google Stadia, Microsoft’s ProjectxCloud, it still has some work to do. Recently Sony got a patent for cloud-gaming as well, so the number of competitors is likely to increase.

Why will cloud-gaming be useful?

Imagine this, you’re playing a tournament match on FIFA in your living room TV, but suddenly your dad wants to watch the news. You don’t wanna get up and leave that match you worked hard on do you? The worst thing is that you don’t have a TV of your own, nor can you take the console and plug it somewhere else. Now it’s the future and Project Atlas is already out and doing great. What do you do? You just get up, go to your bed or whatever, pull out your iPhone 11 or whatever is out then and stream your game to the phone. You’ll pick the game up from the same point you left it. This is the future, this is what EA wants to happen.

The sky’s the limit isn’t it? Someday in the future you’ll be playing Battlefield V on your Car’s multimedia screen. How cool is that, they’ll have to put up “no cloud gaming” signs on the roads though.

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