Fortnite Middle East server: Opinions after a month

How has the server performed up till now?

About a month ago, Fortnite surprised it’s Middle East fans by releasing a dedicated server for the region. There was a high demand by the players residing in that region, who had to resort to playing on Europe servers with high ping. Therefore the people in those regions raised their voice to Fortnite, asking for a dedicated server. Fortnite listened, and out came the Middle East server. It was a pleasant surprise to wake up to myself.

People tweeted to Fortnite with similar statements, with the hashtag #FortniteMiddleEastServers

The Middle East server really upped the game of many people, as people residing in UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Qatar and the countries surrounding these get a very low ping. The South Asian countries, Pakistan, India etc. also saw a decrease in ping. They no longer had to use the Asian servers, or the Europe servers, since both gave a ping higher than 120ms.

Bahrain got the best of it, with pings reaching as low as 0. However, it’s not only about the ping though is it. Packet loss and other network features also count.

The initial problems

Initially, when the server came out last month, it was highly unstable. Me and my friends logged on instantly and tried the server out. It was great seeing the low ping and whatnot, but after getting into a game we started noticing things. First of all it felt quite sluggish and laggy-ish if that’s a word. The low ping didn’t really have that “feel” to it. First game was over due to us dying early being the noobs we are.

After a good one or two games, however, did we face the real issue. The server health monitor, the performance graph on the top left of the screen, went all bonkers. In the middle of a game, there were sudden immense lag spikes, taking the ping to around 500 and even 999. Along with that, there was what felt like 1000% packet loss. The game was unplayable we couldn’t even move without the game spazzing out on us. We didn’t react that badly, since we knew that it’s a new server so there might be an issue here and there. We quit the game and started another, and another, and another. Over the course of five or six games we kept facing the same issue.

This was highly demotivating as we were quite glad for the new server. After giving up hope we went back to the Europe servers to atleast have a stable gameplay, and to test wheather it was our internet that had betrayed us. It wasn’t.

Not an actual picture – took from reddit – actual description about how it looked for us though

But we weren’t going to give up completely though. We tried out Fortnite’s Creative mode, just to check if things were different. Surprisingly, in Creative it worked like a charm. All of us had amazing ping, the lowest it had ever gone for us, and the server worked flawlessly. That’s when we understood that it’s just a Battle Royale issue. Ofcourse Creative consumed 3 hours of our time but that’s a different story.

Fast forward to now

After a month and so later, we’re sitting here in a good mood, enjoying the servers. The baby servers on released faced issues which were later fixed by Fortnite. It took some reporting by players and complaints here and there, and the occassional swearing and anger, but Epic listened to us. Pings on the server are stable enough now, with the occasional high ping in spawn island and when dropping from the Bus. However it stables down to a lower ping once the game has actually begun, that is when the people start dying as soon as they land and whatnot. There are occasional moments where we’re fighting each other saying “are you sure you selected the middle east server?” because of how high the ping is. Although after a while it settles down, we still have our doubts that we’re playing on the EU server.

We can only hope they keep improving the servers more and more, after the latest patch where they added an RNG to who’s wall gets placed turtling is a little less dependant on ping. Improvements like these are always great, however people will still find something to complain about.

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