New Playstation games coming this week, Borderlands 3 drops on Friday

Prepare your wallet for these new Playstation games coming this week

New Playstation games borderlands 3

Our top priority for new Playstation games is Borderlands 3 here, hence why you’re seeing this at the beginning. Borderlands 3 will have you hunting vaults again on Friday, September 13th. Friday the 13th is going to see no gamers in the streets since everyone will be busy playing Borderlands 3. Not that we are already found in the streets, we barely see sunlight holed up in our gaming-caves all day.

Anyhow, if you’re a fan of Borderlands you ought to enjoy the new game. And even if you’re not you can still have fun with it, just have a story recap from YouTube or something. I would recommend this video, it will not get boring at all trust me. We’ve talked about Borderlands 3 before, as well as other great games coming this year (mostly for PC but there are loads of them for Playstation as well). You can pre-order Borderlands 3 from the PS store for $59.99 for Gold weapon skins & trinket, plus a Borderlands 3 Theme.

Enough about Borderlands 3 though, lets move on to some other new additions that might grab your interest.

This week’s upcoming Playstation games:


PS4 – September 13 – Digital

New Playstation games blasphemous

In Blasphemous, you’re a warrior who wears a metal dunce-cap and kills weird monstrosities in the most badass ways. What more should  I say. Blasphemous is a what would happen if Dark Souls became an even more punishing action-platformer. Not only that, but it also has a bizzare but deep story going with it which pulls you into the mystery surrounding the game world. Why are we collecting monster’s blood in our helm, why are we such a statue face, everything will be answered.

Agatha Knife

PS4 – September 12 – Digital

New Playstation games agatha knife

Left panel: Aww cute game. Right Panel: What in the name of all that is holy. That’s what your reaction will be most of the time in the game. Agatha Knife is an adventure game which will make your dark spots laugh. I mean make you laugh at the dark humor it has. introducing Agatha, who has a love and affection for animals, but also really loves eating meat. What a paradoxical situation this is. Agatha also makes her own religion, Carnivorism, in which she tries to, in simple words, justify her butchering of the animals. Yeah it’s a pretty weird game, which makes it fun!


PS4 – September 10 – Digital & Retail

New Playstation games greedfall

Fans of RPGs are gonna love this one. In Greedfall, you explore uncharted lands which has magic in every corner, as well as secrets, interesting creatures and treasures. Give a go at your political skills as the game will require you to befriend or betray people, deceive or use force as well as keep diplomatic relations with factions. You’ll manipulate the world around you through your decisions. If you have a look at the game’s trailer you’ll be left really confused, is it a medieval RPG? A western-styled RPG? Wait no now it’s magic and weird creatures so a fantasy RPG? SO MANY QUESTIONS. Simple answer is that it’s a bit of all.

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series

PS4 – September 10 – Digital & Retail

Unlike the T.V Show, The Walking Dead’s telltale series is still going strong. The Definitive Series is a whole bundle of awesomeness. The graphics are enhanced, with the “Graphic Black” art style of Season 4 now available for all the previous seasons. The bundle contains all the four seasons released till now, as well as 400 Days and Walking Dead: Michonne DLCs, offering over 50 hours of gameplay time. It’s like watching a movie which is 50 hours long. Or well a T.V show in this case. I don’t need to tell more now do I? The game’s been out for ages I’m sure you’ve heard all about it. Just make sure you make good decisions and not ruin your emotions by letting good people die. Pre-order it on the PS Store for $49.99.

WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship

PS4 – September 10 – Digital & Retail

Fan of the World Rally Championship? If so then you are definitely familiar with the WRC game series. This latest installment of the game will really test your driving skills on your controller (or a wheel). There’s new physics for every surface, the weather is a foe, and there are about 50 teams from 14 countries. Not only that, but there’s a completely redefined career mode, for the gamers out there who really wanna feel professional. It will also feature multiplayer thingamajigs, so be sure to keep a PS Plus ready for it.

These are just a few of the many games coming to Playstation this week. Two classics from the Star Wars game series are supposed to come soon as well on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, so be sure to keep an eye out for em.  I’ve just chosen the one’s I think are the best, but ofcourse you don’t have to agree with me here. You can visit our website for more stuff related to Playstation, as well as news about games and whatnot.

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