Free Games: The End is Nigh and Abzu are now free on Epic Store

Explore the Oceans or dive into some dark humor in these two games

Done playing last week’s free platforming games? Willing to fill your Epic library up even more? Look no further as two more games are here to make you a game hoarder. The underwater adventure game Abzu, along with the dark comedy and satire filled platformer The End is Nigh are now free on Epic Store. If you’re familiar with Journey and Flower, Abzu is just another game developed by the people behind those two games. While our hardworking indie developers of games such as Super Meat Boy and Binding of Isaac bring yet another similar game, The End is Nigh.

The End is Nigh

The End is Nigh

This game is obsessed with the idea of you dying. Well mainly cause that’s what will be happening in it. You’ll be dying alot. Don’t get Dark Souls PTSD please. Edmund McMillen and Tyler Glaiel are the masterminds behind this funny little game which really makes you consider if you’re a dark person or not. Edmund McMillen is also the creator of Super Meat Boy and Binding of Isaac, that’s why this game might seem similar to those games. Don’t let the platformer look of the game fool you though. It is rated Mature so if you’re a wee little boy you can’t play this game. Unless the parental controls are off ofcourse, or you’re a rebel. Don’t be disheartened though, that’s why there are two games.



If you aren’t a fan of the depths of the oceans, this game isn’t for you. However, the game looks beautiful and is yet another game like Journey, which tells the story through the environment and asks you to explore around. Fluid controls, smooth animations, breathtaking (literally) scenes and amazing music is just a few of the many good things about Abzu. The game’s goal is to get you familiar with the many hundred species of marine creatures. You are the underwater Disney princess as all the creatures around you react to you, and you form bonds with them. It’s not all fun and games though, as underwater dangers exist too. You’ll be deep into uncovering the ancient mysteries in the game, all the while listening to some great tunes.

Next week’s game

The End is Nigh and Abzu

September 12 is the last date for The End is Nigh and Abzu. Next week, from September 12th to 19th Epic Store will be getting just one game. If you’re a fan of Lovecraft stories,Conarium is going to take your interest. More information on it later when the game is free, be sure to check our website for updates on the game.

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