Bully 2 leaks turn out to be fake, confirmed by leak creator

This is a sad day for the hopeful

Bully 2 leaks

We’re all really desperate to see our 13 year old game return. Bully 2 is a game of immense desire now by the old (and original) generation of gamers. So why has it become a sudden desired game? Due to the multiple Bully 2 leaks and the assumptions being made by people regarding Rockstar releasing a new game next year.Furthermore, events like Rockstar removing the RDR2 poster from their office add fuel to the fire.

The Bully 2 leaks, which came out some some days ago, showed a map of an area. The leaked image had a similar feel to the UI of the previous Bully game. But that wasn’t where it stopped , as more and more leaks kept coming. After a while we got the image of a “protogonist looking character” standing in front of a building with the UI and everything looking similar to the original Bully game. It is understandable that these hyped the fans a lot, leading them to believe that these were real leaks. Alas, that didn’t last long.

Bully 2 leaks

Looks quite convincing doesn’t it? Yeah we all thought that, it was too good to be true. Sadly, the map leak, along with other leaks have been proved fake. I’m sorry for the heartbreak. These are concepts made by a dude on Twitter, Felipe Borges, who tweeted yesterday about these leaks and apologized saying that it was a concept made by him and it went too far. You’ve broken our hearts Felipe how dare you.

Nevertheless, they were good concepts and atleast he came out. However, the Bully 2 subreddit is ofcourse angry. Their primary concern is that someday some real leaks will come and they’ll be ignored by everyone. People have, ofcourse, gotten creative and started making their own versions of the leaks. The world really is headed to the path where we’ll be making memes about a comic coming towards Earth to kill us all. What a wonderful world.

For the future fake leakers, we would like to say what Hawkeye said to Natasha:

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