Free Games: Celeste and Inside go free on Epic store

Get ready for some good old platforming and puzzle solving with Celeste and Inside

Celeste and Inside

After last week’s game Fez is out of the freebie section, Two games are up for grabs again. Celeste and Inside both are platformers and both are available for free on the Epic Store. Celeste is an indie game by Matt Makes Games whereas Limbo developers Playdead are the stars behind Inside.

Epic give away free games every week, and occasionally two games. Usually when there’s a non E-rated game it can’t be played by everyone as children are unable to access it due to parental rights. Therefore Epic generously gives away two games, one of which is rated E. In this week’s case, Inside will be the dark evil game which gives you anxiety and a feeling of sadness with it’s dark story and graphics. Whereas Celeste will act as an antidote, giving you good vibes and happy feels when you play it after Inside.

One of the many dark scenes in the game

The game is a great successor to Limbo. That means it has good ratings, a solid 10/10 by IGN as well as a 5/5 by Giant Bomb. The game is an art piece for it’s great visual designs and effects, atmosphere and overall gameplay.

Enough about depressing things, unless you have a thing for that. Lets move on to happier games, such as Celeste. The game has a reputation for being a tough platformer, but it leaves those facts in the dust with its amazing ability to target anxiety and stress. Celeste is an excellent coping mechanic when you’re stressed or anxious about the upcoming presentation, or if you are stressed about not having a good enough gaming PC, don’t worry it happens. You can build cheap gaming PCs like its nothing though so give it a try.

Celeste’s nostalgia inducing pixel style

More selling factors of Celeste, or in this case selling for free, involve the huge free DLCs they have. You’ll be playing the game a lot trust me. Celeste’s cartoony and pixel style really brings back memories of the beginning of the age of games. Perhaps that’s one of the contributing factors to the stress and anxiety solution deal.

What’s in store for next week

Celeste and Inside are going to leave the freebie section on September 5 , and with their going two other games will come. Yes you heard right, next week has 2 games too! We’ll be exploring the mesmerizing depths of the ocean in Abzu, and getting a kick out of the dark humor in The End is Nigh.

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