Fortnite Welcome to Pandora challenge guide: find Claptrap’s missing eye

Welcome to Pandora brings that pesky little robot who is annoying in both games

Fortnite Welcome to Pandora eye

After having to fight a Bullymong to retrieve Claptrap’s eye in Borderlands 2, you are now on a mission to find his eye in Fortnite. Ah how times have changed. One of the Fortnite X Mayhem Challenge (or officially called Fortnite Welcome to Pandora challenges) asks you to find Claptraps eye and return it to him. If you wanna know how Borderlands is, this is basically it in a nutshell. Going on some cool adventures just to return an eye to an irresponsible robot who annoys you to hell.

When you’re done searching for the different vault symbols scattered around the Pandora rift zone, therefore completing that challenge, you can make your way to solving this side quest. Although it shouldn’t be difficult to the challenge, as all the requirements of these challenges are located in the rift zone, it is a large area so we’re just here to help you be lazy. In short, it is on the southwest region of Paradise Palms. In other words, its near the large hill region of “Mexico” as that town is known by Fortnite players.

Claptrap’s Eye map location

Fortnite Welcome to Pandora map

First thing’s first, locating Claptrap’s eye. Just head to the new Pandora themed city which replaced “Mexico” on the southwest of Paradise Palms. Once you’re there move towards the house on the south most side towards the large hill. Go inside and you’ll find Claptrap’s eye besides an ammo box and a TV.


The eye really is in a rather weird place isn’t it. Makes you wonder what Claptrap was doing in someone’s home like this. Anyway pick up the eye by interacting with it and prepare to return it to the robot.

If you’ve followed our guide on finding the vault symbols, one of the first and easiest vault symbol is found on the back of the large Welcome to Pandora sign on the main road towards the west. Besides the pole of the sign you’ll see the lil fellow standing and waving. So just make your way towards him, interact and return him his eye and hold back your desire to hit him for being annoying. Afterall we don’t hate him now do we. He’s like that annoying friend who gets on everyone’s nerves but yet is liked by everyone.

When you’re done with this Fortnite Welcome to Pandora challenge, and finish all the others too, you’ll get some sweet rewards such as a cel-shaded wrap, a banner, and 2 sprays and 1500 XP. Not bad for a day’s work.

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