Fortnite X Mayhem Challenge guide: Search different Vault Symbols

The red Vault Symbols will lead to earning rewards, as well as victory

Vault Symbols

The latest Fortnite patch brings the world of Borderlands to Fortnite. Fortnite X Mayhem has brought the cel-shaded desert of Borderlands to the stylized world of Fortnite. With the new event, there’s new challenges as well known as the Welcome to Pandora challenges. The crossover event is here due to the upcoming game, Borderlands 3, which will be one of the many great games coming in 2019.

Anyway let’s talk about those red vault symbols and what treasure they hold. Yes that’s right, treasure. Vault symbols in the Borderlands series mean that there’s guns and other good stuff, so it must be the same in Fortnite. But the epic loot isn’t the only thing worthy of your attention, as you need to find 3 of the 5 Vault symbols in order to complete one of the challenges. Doing so will earn you a banner as well as the satisfaction of doing something productive with your time. Oh and did I mention good loot to secure a Victory Royale?

Vault Symbol locations on the map

Vault Symbols locations
Source: & Epic Games

For a quick look, and in case you want to do a bit of exploring yourself, you can refer to the image above. However, in the case you aren’t the exploring type and your adventuring years are over, we’ll spoonfeed you the locations of 3 of them so you can go hassle free and secure the loot.

First (and easiest) Vault Symbol:

Vault Symbols welcome sign
source: guidestash

This one’s the easiest as it’s on the back of the Welcome sign in Pandora’s western entrance. Just follow the main road leading to Paradise Palms and you’ll come across this one.

Second Vault Symbol

source: Pc Gamer

I’m sure you know where the dinos are at. Just go to them they are hard to miss, even if you’re a meteroid (okay sorry). Opposite to one of the dinos in the edge of the rift zone, you’ll see the shack in the picture above. The symbol is behind the shack.

Third Vault Symbol

source: Guidestash

The last symbol shouldn’t be hard to miss as it’s just North of the Oasis in the Desert. When you see 3 yellow stacked containers you’ll know you’re in the right spot. The symbol will be there on the middle container at the back side.

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