Fortnite X Mayhem brings new challenges with great rewards

Up for some cel-shaded skins and rewards in Fortnite? Fortnite X Mayhem challenges are up for the grind

Fortnite X Mayhem

Fortnite X Mayhem? What is this a crossover episode? Gearbox’s series Borderlands is getting it’s 3rd installment this year. Borderlands 3 is almost here and the time to build hype for it is here too. And what better way to do that then to make a crossover between the highly popular AAA game and the very famous Fortnite battleroyale.

With a new event come new challenges in Fortnite, as is tradition. Welcome to Mayhem challenges will keep you engaged in the grind while you bag some epic limited time rewards. You can show those off to your children in the future, and boast about how you’re an OG player.

Fortnite X Mayhem rift zone

Anyway, the challenges aren’t the only thing to come this update. Rift Zones have been causing trouble in Fortnite lately. First it was Tilted Town, then Retail Row, the football stadium, and now it brings the world of Borderlands to us. The cel-shaded desert near Paradise Palms will allow you to experience Borderlands battleroyale (or whatever we wanna call this) and get rewards which you’d normally expect from Borderlands.

Moving on, lets get down to business and discuss the challenges in Fortnite X Mayhem. Afterall, you won’t get the rewards for free.

Welcome to Pandora Challenges list

The challenges look relatively simple, except one or two of ’em that’ll require some searching but we’ll help with that. The rewards include a couple of sprays, a cel-shaded wrap, XP and a banner. These are enough to show-off in the future when someone asks you “tell us about the Fortnite X Mayhem event Dad”

Read the complete V10.20 patch notes on Fortnite’s website, they involve a couple of changes to Turbo Building, Mechs and other gameplay aspects.

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