Minecraft’s gets rideable bees, thank you dear modders

Time to fulfill your ant-man dreams with rideable bees!

Minecraft’s recent 1.15 update brought some very cute bees into the game. The bees in the game perform the same way as bees do in real life. That means they are the heroes of nature, going about their business and collecting nectar to make some sweet honey. But then all of a sudden you come up and place a saddle on the bee to ride it. Mother nature is confused and you’ve ruined the eco-system congratulations.

Just after a few days, modder SethBling created a datapack to make the bees rideable. Similar to most other animals, you can craft saddles and place them on the bees (this sounds insane but it’s minecraft), making them rideable. There was carrot on the stick for the pigs, but now there’s flower on a stick for the bees. What a rollercoaster of emotions. You can lead the bees around using the flower on a stick, while the bees also have a dash move when you’re riding them.

How did he make it work though? It’s bizzare but it allows you to ride cute bees so we’ll let it slip. With the datapack installed, all the bees have an invisible pig overlay on them. Therefore, when you saddle a bee you’re actually saddling an invisible pig and riding it. In other words, flying pigs. What a beautiful world we live in.

RIdeable Bees pig overlay
Flying Pigs – A Dream Come True

The flower on a stick item is just a reskin for the poppy flower that the bees are attracted to. That’s why you’ll notice the bees following you even when you aren’t riding them, while you hold the flower on a stick, that is if you’re sick enough to ride bees around. Leave the poor creatures alone to do their work producing honey for Pooh the Bear.

Rideable bees
Look at the cutie!

This update does add more diversity to nature now, with bees hovering around collecting nectar and honey combs on different places. Nature in minecraft will be looking better than ever, and you’ll want to see that stuff in good graphics as well as FPS, so be sure you play the game on a good gaming PC.

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