Free Game: Fez (the game, not the hat) goes free on Epic store

Time to uncover mysteries in a very cute way yet puzzly way while wearing a Fez


Free game alert! Every week Epic games generously give out a free game or games. This week brings you a colourful puzzle game, Fez. A 2D puzzle game, with 3D dimensions, Fez is similar to Monument Valley.

You play as a lil’ guy named Gomez, who looks sort of like Marshmello only cuter. He ofcourse is wearing a cute little fez, therefore the game’s name is Fez. Gomez is lead to believe that he lives in a 2D world, until he discovers the existence of a 3rd dimension, bamboozling him so much that he goes on a journey. Your goal in this game is to guide him through his journey by looking at the map from 4 different dimensions by rotating everything around. Solving puzzles and mysteries as you go by uncovering the lore of the game.

Fez dates back to 2012, but after all this time it’s still a great puzzle game with amazing soundtrack. Many people rate the soundtrack of the game as being the factor which made the game amazing. We all love good soundtracks don’t we? After all those years, it’s free for you to try out and appreciate the effort that has gone in the game. So boot up your Epic Games client and get the game, or alternatively, click here.

What’s in store for the next week?

As the previous trends have followed, whenever there is a non E-rated game free it comes with another E-rated game. So you get 2 games instead of 1. This happened 3 weeks back when For Honor was released, and with it Alan Wake, which wasn’t entirely E-rated but we’ll let it pass.

Therefore, the next week will have 2 games again. Hooray! One of the games, Inside, is an M-rated game. It’s another puzzle platformer but it features dark scenarios and is more “graphic”. And with it comes Celeste, an indie platformer game which brings back the good old pixel days. The game is rated E for everyone so the younglings can enjoy this free game too!

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