Need for Speed: Heat 4K gameplay footage awaits your opinions

Prepare to race around and destroy public property on November 8

Need for Speed: Heat is the 24th or so (we’ve lost count at this point) title in the NFS series of Ghost Games. The next in line game was announced on Gamescom a few days ago and it’s trailer was released. Ofcourse, as trailers go, it didn’t really show what the game feels like gameplay wise. Therefore, our good ol’ IGN buddies released a gameplay video. The gameplay video shows off the game in 4K resolution. And also displays both the day and night scenarios of the game.

The game features cops again (as have all the previous games). Ghost Games really has a thing for cops doesn’t it? Need for Speed: Heat also features some brand new supercars, detailed customization and much more.

NFS: Heat’s gameplay will be having some variety in it. There are day and night cycles in the game with different level of gameplay in both. When the suns out you can earn some cash doing “legal” races, however you’ll still have the cops giving you trouble if you break the speed limit. Night time ofcourse invites trouble. Things get chaotic at night time as illegal races and street races are going around, which makes our boys in uniforms very angry. Cop risk is higher at night and you earn a lot of rep messing with them. Unlike GTA, where your stars reflect how angry the cops are, in this game your “Heat” will determine how much the cops want you dead (or arrested).

Need for Speed: Heat

Is there Multiplayer in Need for Speed: Heat?

The burning question these days regarding every game is whether the game will feature multiplayer or not. NFS: Heat will indeed feature a freeroam multiplayer mode “Alldrive“. It’ll follow the “crew” system such as Forza Horizon where members of your crew will be displayed on your garage. You’ll be able to know what cars they are taking for a spin, what their progress is and any other features. Every individual will have the option of customizing their avatar, that means dressing up your racer however you see fit.

Need for Speed: Heat will, ofcourse, be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 8. However there’s high chances it’ll be available on the Playstation 5 and Xbox Scarlett whenever the new consoles are available. The game is releasing after 2017’s Need for Speed: Payback, which didn’t really hit the market well enough. However, fans have high hopes that this game doesn’t disappoint.

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