Nintendo Switch to get a bucket-load of new Indie games

Its a good news for both Indie game developers and Switch owners


Indie games

The Gamescom event featured many different elements, one of them was Nintendo announcing a wide variety of Indie games for the Switch. Gamescom took place on Monday, August 19th. The pre-show event was Nintendo introducing 29 Indie games that will release for the Switch. Some of these games are completely new and some are already quite popular.

Two games are already here for the Switch, Superhot and Hotline Miami Collection are available on the store. Other games will be releasing as the year progresses, where most of the games will come out in 2020. It was announced earlier that Superhot will be coming to Nintendo Switch and it indeed happened, so the rumors were true eh?

Some games are already available on different platforms, such as Torchlight II available on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One and Hotline Miami itself is available on PC and Sony consoles. Ori and the Blind Forest is also making it’s way towards the Switch, the game is very successful on PC and Xbox.

Hotline Miami is a violent game but it has been very popular among gamers. It’s arrival on Switch is a matter of interest for Switch owners, as the game itself is comfortable when played on a handheld device.

However, people are interested in other games. Skater XL is a game gaining interest of people who watched the announcement on YouTube. Skater XL is a game about, as the name suggests, skating. You can perform tricks and earn points in the game, and feel satisfied ofcourse. It’ll be available on the Switch in 2020, along with most other games.

Nintendo Switch has been getting more and more games lately. It recently got support for the Doom games, which many people were happy for although it’s online requirement made fans angry. Not only that, but there’s also firmwares available which allow it to run Android OS. We wouldn’t recommend you to try that though, as it could brick your device.

What the game devs have to say

As much as this news makes gamers happy, it has good tidings for the Indie game developers as well. “Nintendo has been awesome,” said Devolver Digital co-founder Graeme Struthers in an interview with CNN. “When you’re a small company, you always look for that level of support. That’s going to bring your games to the wider audience.”

An increase in the support for Indie games helps many game developers from different countries. The games get audience from different countries where they couldn’t possibly get the games available as retail. So the increasing trend of digital market allows Indie game developers to sell their product to a wider audience.

Indie games ori and the blind forest
Ori and the Blind Forest

Complete list of Indie games coming to Nintendo Switch

  • “Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition,” September 27
  • “Hotline Miami Collection” available
  • “SuperHot” available
  • “Risk of Rain 2,” this summer
  • “Torchlight II,” TBD
  • “Eastward,” early 2020
  • “Freedom Finger,” September 27
  • “The Touryst,” November
  • “Skellboy,” December 3
  • “Röki,” this winter
  • “Youropa,” 2019
  • “EarthNight,” 2019
  • “Dungeon Defenders: Awakened,” February 2020
  • “Skater XL,” 2020
  • “Blasphemous,” September 10
  • “Close to the Sun,” 2019
  • “Cat Quest II,” fall 2019
  • “Spiritfarer,” spring 2020
  • “Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince,” TBD
  • “Creature in the Well,” September 6
  • “One Finger Death Punch 2,” December 2
  • “Best Friend Forever,” February 14, 2020
  • “Phogs!,” early 2020
  • “What the Golf?,” winter 2019
  • “Kine,” 2019
  • “Hypercharge: Unboxed,” winter 2019
  • “Northgard,” September 26, 2019
  • “Sparklite,” fall 2019
  • “Munchkin: Quacked Quest,” fall 2019



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