GTA 6 release date hinted by Rockstar, or is it a different game?

Us game fanboys have to make predictions regarding a game release when we have no official evidence, and this might be one of those predictions.

GTA 6 rumors

After the amazing success of GTA 5, fans are desperately waiting for something related to the next in line game. GTA 6 has been the topic of speculation recently, with people making predictions and addressing rumors. Some say it’ll come out with the next gen consoles, Playstation 5 and Xbox Scarlett. Although, following the previous pattern, the game could release first for the PS4 and Xbox One, where it get’s ported to the next gen consoles after an year or so.

GTA 5 is still going strong though. Just recently rockstar released the casino update for GTA 5 which brought in a large number of players. It still appears in video game charts and is earning some great revenue for rockstar.

Grand Theft Auto 5 was followed by Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2018. The cowboy shoot em’ up free roam game was a huge success and broke sales records. Being a PS4 exclusive probably boosted PS4 sales up as well since fanboys got the console JUST to play this game.

So what new GTA 6 rumors do we have?

What has given this topic of GTA 6 a buzz again? According to a reddit user, Rockstar North is removing the huge RDR2 banner in front of their office. This could possibly be happening to make space to advertise something new. We already know that GTA 6 is in development since 2015 but production didn’t begin until 2018. In addition to this, the next gen consoles are probably releasing next year, which raises the chances of GTA 6 coming out with them.

So expect to see GTA 6 being the topic of interest with the coming year. 2020-2021 will be major years of gaming, and we can expect to see GTA 6 and other upcoming games in those years.

GTA 6 speculations
img credits – u/mrweeks19

GTA 6 will be set in the 70’s or 80’s, a step back in time indeed. From what we know, it will only feature one protagonist, so no more switching around with different characters of different personalities. Lastly, the game might take place in Vice City or Rio de Janeiro. ~ source

Everyone has hopes that it’s GTA 6, but it could also be Bully 2. Yes that game made in a school which had an amazing feel to it and we all have missed for a long time could be getting a sequel too!

How do we know if it can be Bully 2? The GTA 5 Casino update. Rockstar hinted at the Bully sequel in the new update. A painting was found in the casino featuring the same symbols that were present in the Bullworth Academy crest. If you’ve forgotten, it includes a fist, a snake, a rat and a skull.

Painting found in GTA 5 Casino representing Bullworth Academy crest

Rockstar fans are, surprisingly, more reluctant to get Bully 2 rather than GTA 6. It has been almost 13 years since Bully came out and settled in everyone’s hearts. Fans are hoping for a new, amazing Bully game which features a small map as the original game but a wider set of students and people, and a range of different mechanics such as relationships, friendships etc. After the amazing mechanics of Red Dead 2, Bully 2 can feature something greater. Afterall, they’ve had a long time to perfect that game.

In any case, people will be happy in both events. Both games are fan favourite and loved by many, and both have the possibility of bringing something new and refined in the gaming industry.


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