PUBG to finally get cross-play between Xbox One and PS4

Available in the coming October, PUBG will finally allow the two consoles to play together.


Cross-play support will finally be implemented in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) in October, announced during Inside Xbox stream at Gamescom. Xbox one and PS4 PUBG players will be able to play together / against each other. This will make the matchmaking pool even bigger. This will allow shorter matchmaking times and a more diverse population of players. Although September will host the beta testing servers, so that any bugs and issues can be dealt with, the official servers will get the update in October.

There still isn’t any talk regarding cross-play between console and PC players, which some games have implemented recently, such as Fortnite, Rocket League, Dauntless etc. Probably for the best as PUBG is more focused on aiming and PC players have the clear advantage when it comes to aiming, although some pro players have shown that controllers can be used to dominate as well. PUBG mobile has no news in this regard either.

Cecilia Lee, the community manager for PUBG corporation, has demonstrated that cross-play has been a feature asked since the game had launched. Their initial goal was to allow players from both consoles to play together in the same matches. And their second goal was to improve the matchmaking timings, which will be happening thanks to the first goal’s completion, as a wider matchmaking pool will result in faster search times.

Furthermore, there’s a new season on the way for the game. PUBG corporation also announced that faster console updates will be provided. The updates for consoles will launch as soon as possible and within two weeks of their PC counterparts. Season 4 will be releasing on August 27 on consoles. The season 4 update will introduce a new survivor pass as well as a visual update for the Erangel map

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