Playstation 5 announce date hinted by Sony, Feb 2020 seems likely

A major Sony launch event could feature Playstation 5 as the main element of the show

Playstation 5 concept
PS5 concept – source: grmdaily

Every year there’s something new coming out in the gaming industry that has the fans hyped and anxiously waiting. This time around it’s a big one, the Playstation 5! And what does everyone want to know? The release date ofcourse.

Sony’s Playstation 5 is the upcoming console after the Playstation 4 (and it’s other forms), and its release date might be coming out soon. According to some leaks that point towards a launch event, one can assume the event might include the PS5 launching.

Even though everyone knows the Playstation 5 will come out someday, but fans are always on the impatient side. They want to know when it’ll release specifically and how much it’ll cost, so they can start saving up money and make plans accordingly. Furthermore, they also want to know what games might be available on the console. You don’t want to get a new console to play unsatisfactory games now do you.

Worry not though, dear impatient fans. After analysing a leaked email from Sony, a launch event in February might be featuring an unveiling of the Playstation 5. That means next year ofcourse, as the event is dubbed “Playstation Meeting 2020”. Taking place on February 21, the event could bring the new console to the public in only six more months!

Lead system architect Mark Cerny spent some time talking to Wired US and was able to confirm that the next-generation console will launch in 2020. He couldn’t specify which month the console will hit shelves, but precedent suggests that the PS5 will arrive towards the end of the year. ~Expert reviews

The release of Playstation 5 won’t happen alone, as some games made for the next gen console will release with it as well. According to a report on 4chan, Ghost of Tsushima might launch alongside the console. Not only that, but it seems like Dying Light 2 might be one of the launch titles as well.

PS5 Specs

If you’re not a tech fan and aren’t interested in geeky knowledge, here’s the specs for you: It will have fast loading times, have 8k resolution support and also have great graphics due to ray-tracing.

Now for the people who wanna know the details, the Playstation 5 will feature a solid state drive (SSD) which will show the amazing reduction in loading times. SSD’s boost the processing speed of a system. Due to this faster, more efficient processing, textures and graphics are loaded in much faster. For example, GTA V on startup takes a lot of time to load. With an SSD the loading speed should be reduced significantly (emphasis on significantly), making the game load in a matter of seconds. Not only loading times, but the way the world gets rendered will be faster too.

Playstation 5 specs
predicted specs – reddit – u/drgsouth

The higher resolution support will come due to a better GPU, which will be able to run games in 1440p or even 4k – upto 8k. This will require immense power, a lot of storage space, and some amazing RAM. So the Playstation 5 will be one tough console with amazing processing capabilities.

When it comes to the topic of price, there’s still no official price. Predictions say that it’ll cost the same as the Playstation 4 at launch. Although it might not be surprising if it’s more expensive, due to the high-end parts manufactured in the device.

All this is well and good, but there’s some sad news to share too. It’s possible that the Playstation 5 might be Sony’s last console. We aren’t sure about this yet, nor do we want to be sure, but you can read more about it here.

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