Superhot making its way to Nintendo Switch

Get ready for Monday, something “Hot” is coming to Nintendo Switch, maybe.


After the previous stealth launch on Switch of the Doom games, Superhot might be the new surprise release for the portable console. Oh and it’ll be coming out on Monday, probably, to make your Monday a better day.

How’d this news come suddenly? Apparently a dataminer, Itssimontime, spoiled the surprise by noticing an unannounced update to the game on Friday. The news of it happening on Monday was released by an industry analyst. The supposed “update” will be announced on Nintendo direct.

Indie games have been coming on Nintendo Switch lately, such as Cuphead, which makes chances of Superhot being the next release.

Another good hint by the analyst, Daniel Ahmad, is the fact that he said “Two games will be shadow dropped. Both games are Hot.” perhaps referencing Superhot. The game is also available in the Xbox Game Pass, along with a hundred other games.


Superhot took the puzzle games spotlight by making an action packed game which takes the concept of “bullet time” to a whole new level. It came out for PC in 2016 and later on for the PS4 and Xbox One. Not only that, but it reached even new heights by getting VR support. What makes the game unique is its unique mechanics. Time is the real deal here. Whenever you move, time moves, otherwise if you stay still time will be stopped. So you can let your creativity run wild and your inner Rambo come out as you chain some epic stunt shots here and there and kill the baddies. Most of the maps, ofcourse, involve strategic movements and some critical thinking. But I’m sure as the great gamers you all are you have some brain there. Hence try to use it and make some unique action scenes of yourself.

Oh and did I mention it has katanas as well?


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