New Saints Row rumored to be in development

The game is said to be “deep in development”, along with some news of Dead Island and TimeSplitters

New Saints Row rumor

News of a new Saints Row being in development was dropped by publisher THQ Nordic. Developer Deep Silver Voliation are, apparently, “deep in development” on a new game for the series. Although there is no release date yet, nor any official news or hint about what the game will be called. it will be a completely new entry in the series. Hence a Saints Row 5 or similar will be on it’s way, we just don’t know yet.

The latest game in the Saints Row franchise was Saints Row 4 released in 2013. There was, however, a spinoff in 2015 called Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell. Eventually, in 2017 the developers Voliation also released an action-adventure game called Agents of Mayhem.

New Saints Row rumored

In addition to that, THQ Nordic had more news than we had anticipated. Not only did they hint at a new Saints Row game, they also hinted at a new TimeSplitters game being in development. TimeSplitters were under the developers Crytek, but THQ Nordic acquired the rights to the game in 2018. Although that might concern the fans, worry not as the game’s co-creator Steve Ellis joined THQ Nordic. That means that the upcoming new TimeSplitter game will have a well developed story and will follow the previous game’s pattern. when developers for a game change it often ends up disastrous, but in this case the co-creator himself is here so there might be minimal damage, if any.

Furthermore, there’s news for Dead Island fans too as Dead Island 2 is in the making. The studio in charge of the Dead Island franchise changed as well. Homefront: The Revolution’s studio is now in charge of the development of Dead Island 2.

New Saints Row under THQ Nordic8

While on the topic of THQ Nordic, the publishers also acquired Milestone, the racing game developers behind games such as MotoGP, MXGP series etc. THQ Nordic also acquired the developers of Darksiders 3, Gunfire Games. Lastly, they also picked up Goodbye Kansas Game Invest, giving THQ Nordic:

“a portfolio of minority investments in five early-stage development studios: Palindrome Interactive, Fall Damage, Neon Giant, Kavalri and Framebunker as well as royalty rights to THQ Nordic’s upcoming game Biomutant.” ~ Polygon

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