Guide: Using Xbox Game Pass on PC (Windows 10)

Where are the games, how does one subscribe, what is what – let’s answer all that

Xbox Game Pass
Credits – Xbox

Likewise to Origin Access, Microsoft has the Xbox Game Pass. A subscription service that allows you to play a big collection of games for a cheap monthly price. If you’re the type of person to play a variety of games and play like 4-5 games all together, then this ones for you. But the best part is that the Xbox Game Pass is available for PC now. Want to play some great games such as Forza Horizon 4, Gears of War 4 and Sea of Thieves for a cheap price? These games are available on the Xbox Game Pass so go ahead and grab it.

However, the Xbox Game Pass for the PC is still in beta phase. That means that there are some issues here and there, especially when it comes to finding the Game Pass games. On an Xbox One it’s very easy to find the games on your dashboard. But finding them on PC requires some extra (or more cumbersome) steps.

There are two ways to finding the Game Pass games though, the first one is relatively simple but asks you to install an application, whereas the second one doesn’t require the installation of any applications, but finding the games is more annoying.

Xbox Game Pass

You  require the Game Pass, ofcourse, before you proceed to find the games and whatnot.

There’s three options available:

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – $14.99 per month – Includes Xbox Live Gold, Xbox and PC games access, and Gears 5 when it is released. Xbox live is also offering Gears of War 4 and Forza 6.

Xbox Game Pass PC – $4.99 per month, which later will be increased to $9.99 per month – Access to over a 100 PC games.

Xbox Game Pass Console – $9.99 per month – Access to over a 100 console games.

Xbox Game Pass offers

Method 1 – Accessing games on PC via Xbox App

This method is the simplest, easiest and most user-friendly way to access your Xbox Game Pass games on PC.

  • First – Install the latest Xbox App for windows 10. It can be found on the Microsoft store. Alternatively, you’ll find it here.
  • Launch the app and login with your Microsoft account. You’ll find yourself on a beautiful dashboard and a great user interface where you can see your Game Pass games easily. It’s relatively better than the Microsoft store’s view. Everything you view can be played on PC.
Xbox Game Pass App store
Credits – Neowin
  • After installing the games, you can launch them from the client itself, or from the shortcuts created on your desktop

Method 2 – Accessing  games on Pc via Microsoft store

If you are too lazy to install the Xbox app and want to stick with what you have, you can find all the playable Game Pass games on the Microsoft store. The Microsoft store is available by default on every windows 10 computer.

However, this method is more cumbersome as the Microsoft store has, lets just say, a confusing user interface. The recommended method is, ofcourse, the one that involves Xbox app. But we all need alternatives right?

  • Open up Microsoft store, either through a shortcut or by searching the start menu
  • On the homepage, click the top right button displayed as 3 dots, and from the menu that opens click on “My library”. This will display all the stuff you own
  • On the left side of the page you’ll find a tab labelled “Xbox Game Pass. Clicking on it will reveal all games included with the Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass MS store

Where’s the issue you ask? The reason why this method is least preferred is that the Game Pass games that will be displayed also include the games available exclusively on consoles. In addition to that, there is no filter to remove the console exclusives out of the display. This makes finding games more confusing and annoying. Thats why you should stick with the Xbox app.

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