Best games to play while studying or doing work

True gamers have to get that specific amount of gaming everyday, even if it’s a day before exam. Lets find some games to play while studying.

Games to play while studying


We’ve all been there, you come back from a long day at school and want to relax a bit. Likewise, the same can be said for when you’re doing some boring work. You start up a game and tell yourself “I’ll only play till 2pm”. Some moments pass and the clock shows you 3pm. You’ve done it again, spent too much time in gaming, compromising your work/homework.

That’s where some specific games come into play. These games won’t be evil enough to make you waste hours and hours into them, rather they’ll just need your attention every once in a while. Idle games and Management games are the type of games you can be playing while you study or do a task. They can be up and running on your computer while you study or they can be in the background if you’re writing an article. Above all, they are free to play. Well, most of them anyways. Here’s some games to play while studying or doing some work:

Fallout Shelter

Games to play while studying fallout shelter

Fallout shelter is a free to play management game available on Steam and Bethesda Launcher. Fallout fans and players must know about the vault system in the world of Fallout, and Fallout Shelter puts you in the position of Overseer. You, as the big boss of the vault, have to construct rooms, organize exploration parties to the Wasteland and monitor the growth of the people in your vault.

The game is great to play while you do a work or study for a test as it will seldom require your attention. You’ll mainly be clicking on rooms and collecting resources or in some cases fend off emergencies such as fire or a Deathclaw attack. Still you don’t need to give it all your attention as there will be a siren if anything goes wrong. So study hard and concentrate less on your vault. The people can take care of themselves

It doesn’t get boring as you can, if you need a little break, go on some quests where you’ll be guiding your survivors through enemy lines and will be looting certain places. This will, ofcourse, require more attention.

Another game like Fallout Shelter is This War of Mine, where you have to make survivors survive in a war-torn country. Although it is much darker, it still requires attention sometimes, except for when you go out to loot at night time. It was free on the Epic store some weeks ago but you can grab it on steam for $20.00.

Cookie Clicker

Games to play while studying cookie clicker

Cookie Clicker is a legendary clicker game. Its a free browser game. Yes those still exist! The game has been with us since 2013 and it has gotten better day by day. In simple terms, Cookie Clicker is just a little game about making cookies by clicking. You ofcourse spend the cookies on items and things to improve your cookie factory as well as recruit cute grandmas to help you construct the best cookies possible. Not only that, but you get to construct cookie mines, factories, even temples to allow you to make billions of cookies

How can it be a game you play while working or studying? Simply getting the automated clicking upgrade will allow you to sit back relax and see the cookies being made by themselves while you do your work. After a while when you come back to check you’ll have billions of cookies at your disposal!

The game can take a creepy twist depending on the choices you make and the steps you take. But I’ll leave that for you to discover yourself.

A Dark Room

Games to play while studying a dark room

Another free management game that you can play on your browser instantly, A Dark Room has no explanations and its better to play it with no explanations. It follows a series of events such as stoking a fire so you won’t free to finding strangers in your room who help you build a small community or a village. You have to survive and wait for mysterious things to happen that make you go deeper in the game. Other survivors help you make traps, it’s your job to manage everything.

There’s no context of why all this is happening, is it an apocalypse, are u in a warzone? None is explained in this eerie game. After certain progression is made and you gain a compass, a dark room opens up and you can leave the small village you’ve constructed. You get to kill monsters and explore temples and fortresses. The game is amazing if you love random events and want to play a management game while you do your homework or work. You can have it running in the background, occasionally giving it attention to collect wood or deal with a stranger asking you for wood. As a matter of fact, the game is running in another tab as I write this article!

Realm Grinder

Realm Grinder is a clicker game for the medieval setting lovers. The game is available on Steam as well as on Browsers. You start the game as a ruler of one of the six factions, where three of them are evil factions and three are good. The evil factions, namely Goblins, Demons and Undead are more of the idle playing style oriented, which is what we are looking for here obviously.

Realm Grinder does get complex, however, in the late game. It is also a great game for your brain and to test your arithmetic skills when you have to calculate stuff regarding upgrades. Don’t go too deep into the game though, as it can really make you forget studying. Instead, you’ll be doing speed runs and experiments with the game.

These are some of the many games to play while studying or taking small breaks between work. Although they are considered to be study-friendly, as in they won’t be distracting you too much, make sure you focus more on the work you’re doing instead of the game. After all, it is a game and games do cause a lot of distractions.

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