Fortnite Middle East server is finally here after 2 years

Middle East players’ wishes are finally answered as Fortnite gets a server for their region

Fortnite Middle East server

Fortnite Season 10 brings some amazing news for the people in the desert regions. After a long wait by the Middle Eastern Fortnite players, there’s finally a Middle East server on Fortnite. Ever since the release of Fortnite, there haven’t been any servers good enough for the large amount of gamers in the Middle East. They (myself included) mostly had to rely on Europe or Asia servers to give a stable ping of around 100-150, which is considered high for a good Fortnite experience.

After more than an year of Fortnite’s release, the players in Middle East started to come out and raise their voice about this issue. On January 2019 a “movement”, if it can be called that, was launched which asked Epic games to make servers for Middle East, as a lot of people faced very bad ping.


Back then, Fortnite tweeted that they will be working on the servers and we can expect a fix in the next few months. Lo and behold, they kept their promise. After about 6 months, they finally brought out the Middle East server. The Middle East server will be providing great ping for players based in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Behrain. The area surrounding all these countries will get good ping as well.


Fortnite Middle East server ping
Ping in Abu Dhabi – UAE – on Middle East server

There are rumors and leaks of 14 more other servers that are expected to come. Although there is no official statement by Fortnite regarding the other possible servers.

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