Free Game: GNOG goes free on Epic Store

Time to activate that brain of yours and solve some puzzles in the world of GNOG


After the last week’s amazing games, comes a 3D puzzle game with so many colours in it that you’ll start questioning your knowledge of colours. GNOG is the free game of this week on the Epic Store.

GNOG is a neat little Indie game developed by Ko-Op and published by Double Fine. Available on PC, PS4 and Apple OS, GNOG involves 3D puzzles set in a world of toys, where you’ll be solving the puzzles and uncovering mysteries and secrets. The game not only has some great colours and designs, it also features reactive, rich soundtracks. One of the more interesting features of this game is that it can be played in VR. So get your headgear on and prepare to dive in a world of colour.

Some of the toys would seem familiar to you, as they take inspiration from some real-world designs of toys. Press, point, pull, slide, grab, rotate to operate the toys and dig deep into the secrets that are there to uncover. GNOGs are a set of “heads” in which there are mini-worlds with different toys, designs and secrets. The gamewill surely get you hooked into it with its unusual and dream-like world. Your ears will be enjoying the game too with some amazing soundtracks that keep changing as you pass levels.

Only one game this time?

Epic store has generously handed out two free games the past 2 weeks, which was due to the fact that one of the games wasn’t E or T rated. This time though, they didn’t have to give another game as GNOG is rated E for Everyone. That means that it’s child friendly and, apparently, good for the younglings. Their developing brains will certainly benefit from solving puzzles, and while doing them in such a fun and creative way they are surely going to go far in the future!

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