New Gears 5 Themed Xbox One X revealed by Microsoft

This one looks rather chilly doesn’t it?

Gears 5 Xbox One X

Gears 5 is on the way and will be releasing on 10th of September. Microsoft brings forth a great surprise for the die-hard fans of Gears 5 by introducing a custom Xbox One X console which is themed around the upcoming game. The custom skin features an icy & snowy overall theme with the Gears of War symbol frozen underneath ice. After the Project Scorpio launch edition, this is the first limited edition Xbox One X.

As all limited edition consoles go, this special edition Xbox One X is available for pre-order for $499

Gears 5 Xbox One X Limited Edition Contents

However expensive the console is, it does provide an excellent value for money. The limited edition console includes Gears 5 Ultimate Edition, Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Gears of War 2, Gears of War 3, and Gears of War 4. Any Gears of War fan would go nuts over this amazing bundle of joy. Not only that, but it also includes a uniquely designed, snowy themed Gears 5 Xbox One controller. The controller, however; will be available outside the bundle as well for $74.99 on August 20th. So you can grab the controller seperately if you are a mild fan of the Gears series.

But wait, there’s more! Gears 5 has a lot of hype, and just a limited edition console and controller won’t cut it. Therefore there’s a Gears 5 themed Headset as well as a Gears 5 themed Razer gaming mouse and keyboard set. If you’ve got the cash for it, go ahead all out and buy everything there is. Express your love for Gears of War completely! It might be getting out of hand but, Seagate even made a 2-TB and 5-TB hard drive with Gears 5 theme which you can buy on August 20th.

In preparations for Gears 5, Microsoft decided to give out Gears of War 4 for free with their Xbox Live Gold. Go ahead and grab it before Gears 5 comes out so you can enjoy the upcoming game to the fullest!

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