Fortnite Neo Tilted faces a blast to the past, introducing Tilted Town.

No buildin’ and No breakin’ allowed in this part of the map, welcome to the Old West of Fortnite

Fortnite tilted town

Fortnite Season X introduces the idea of time rifts in-game, where things will be unstable and the space-time continuum is disturbed. The V10.00 patch notes had mentioned something about rift zones, and this might be one of the many planned for the future. Six days in since Season X began and we have our first time hitch, Neo Tilted has been sent back in time! Introducing Tilted Town, a wild west themed version of the nerve wrecking Tilted Towers.

Tilted Town

Tilted Town, as the name suggests, is an Old Western style town, with saloons, gunsmiths and a colour filter to give the place pizzazz. But that’s not the only change, Tilted Town is an anti-building friendly zone, meaning that you cannot build or break anything here. No ruining the infrastructure anymore dear build-loving players. So prepare yourself to fight it out with guns only, and make sure to rely on your jumping and dodging skills. No build zone is certainly a new thing in Fortnite.

Furthermore, the lil’ town also brings you some oldies back. The vaulted guns: Hunting Rifle, Six Shooter and Double Barrel Shotgun all make a comeback in this area. Mind you that they only spawn in this location. And to give the town an even more western feeling, your character outfit will change to that of Calamity or Deadfire. Although it depends on the gender of  your equipped skin.

Had your fill of fighting without building? You can just step right out of the blue dome and go back to building. However, you will lose the changed outfit as it’s a tilted town exclusive. The addition of this Tilted Town means that the Rift Zone thingamajig will be an ongoing event. We might see more places go backwards (or forwards) in time due to Rift Zones.

Moreover, the patch also brings Arsenal game mode. This LTM is a deathmatch style mode which gives every player a gun of same rarity. Getting eliminations with those guns sends you down to lower rarity guns. The player who gets a kill with the last weapon rarity wins the game. The Arsenal game mode is similar to Gun Game modes from other shooter games.

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